Munich | ★★★

Ann and I viewed this movie last night and my expectations were pretty high. Munich is based on George Jonas' book titled Vengeance and came to me with very high ratings - it was nominated for an Oscar.

Sadly, I found the movie to be a violent one glorifying revenge and using gratuitous sexual imagery. I also thought that the movie went way too long and painted a strange picture of Israel's quest for vengeance.

The one redeeming scene in the movie was when one of the assasins came to his senses and realized that this mission was not what being a Jew was all about. Unfortunately he blew himself up and we were left just feeling sorry for him.

On a scale of 10 I give this movie ★★★

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  1. I recently watched it as well and was left with basically the same impression that you've posted here. The story was interesting and new to me, but I agree that it was way too long and was too focused on the agent's obsession with revenge. I would rate it a bit higher than your score because of the back story, but not much higher. You really have to be interested in this aspect of Israeli history I think to really want to watch this.


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