Centrists Focus on Solutions

High-profile centrists urge solutions, compromise
By Martha T. Moore, USA TODAY

Some excerpts from this article:
On a day when he urged Congress to get beyond party politics, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg matched his rhetoric with action, announcing he has left the Republican Party and registered as an independent.
Bloomberg and another centrist political star, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, urged politicians to focus on pragmatic solutions, not partisanship, at "Ceasefire! Bridging the Divide," a conference sponsored by the University of Southern California.

On issues including Social Security, health care, education and immigration, "the federal government isn't out front — it's cowering in the back of the room," Bloomberg said.
Schwarzenegger said he learned to value compromise "the hard way" in 2005 when he tried to push through initiatives to, among other things, increase his power over the budget, and lost badly. "I did it the wrong way," he said. "Dividing people just doesn't work."
That last statement speaks volumes to me. But I am a Centrist who thinks that life is in the middle.

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