Whitey the Westie

My friend Pam is one of my favorite new bloggers. Her latest post about dogs reminded me of Whitey, our 17 year old family dog that passed away four weeks ago today. I loved what Pam said about her dogs and animals in general.

We rescued Whitey from a kennel when he was about one and a half years old. He was supposed to be my son's dog ... and in a very real sense he was ... but he soon became the family pet ... was even friends with our cat (he lived to be 20 years old). My daughter won several 4H ribbons with Whitey in obedience training ... that surprised me because she was so afraid of Whitey when he arrived in our home.

Whitey's passing was so very sad for Ann and me. He was a sweet soul that loved people and loved to be close to us. I still miss him - looked in his room this morning and thought it odd that he wasn't there. Pam's post got me wondering if I'll see him again. Hope so!


  1. Sorry to hear about Whitey, but so glad to hear that he had been such a great member of the family. I remember meeting him and thought he was a great dog. A good dog is a great gift from God. I think we will get to see him again some day.

  2. I miss my Miss Shadow. I love this dog that we have now but still miss Shadow.

  3. I never owned a dog, but I know how dear they are to their families. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...but what a long and great life!

  5. How precious. If the Lion and lamb will lay down together in the Kingdom....why not our dear pets...
    I know I huband want to see Sam again...he really misses him.


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