The Philippines

About 20 of us left Kansas City for a two week trek in early 1987. After stops in Dallas and Los Angeles we transferred planes and boarded a Philippine Air flight to Manila. On our way out there I struck up a conversation with Sister Celestine, a Roman Catholic nun serving in Manila. As I stood in the aisle, I shared my faith with her as she sat in her seat. We talked about our love for the Lord. As we were talking Rene, one of the gals in our group, joined our conversation. Sister Celestine spoke to us about her ministry to unwed pregnant moms in Manila. Rene and I shared about our adopted children. An atmosphere of divine appointment filled the air.

Almost two weeks later this beautiful Catholic nun, pictured here in a blue dress, picked Rene and I up at our hotel. On the plane we spoke about the two of us sharing our stories with the girls at the convent. Soon we would be in a room with them. I get choked up just thinking about what would happen next. Rene spoke about giving a child up for adoption when she was young then years later adopting a child from South Korea. Emotions in the room were so high. I took a few photos of my kids from my wallet and passed them around. I spoke to the girls about how much I loved my kids' moms. With tears in my eyes I told them how much I admired the sacrifices they were making for their unborn children.

I began closing my short talk by sharing a gospel message with them. In a few moments I would watch as 30+ young women asked Jesus into their lives. There was such a sense of joy as Sister Celestine drove us back to our hotel. She told how she would be discipling her girls in the way of Christ. I returned home is amazement at the working of God.

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  1. The joy of Divine Appointments. We must always be ready to accept the Lord's promptings. I've found when we do that He gives us just the right things to say.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment.

    1. So true Sue. Sometimes I feel like I am a part of something much larger.

  2. wonderful story Bob. you're a beautiful human being.


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