Hong Kong

Almost 30 years ago the bearded guy pictured on the right departed Kansas City to smuggle bibles into China. I made three trips from Hong Kong into China carrying bags of Mandarin language bibles. It was a bit surreal. I have vivid memories of acting like I was lost and walking past x-ray devices. I also remember how others on our team were detained. On our last journey into China we were running late and had a pile of bible filled bags on the train platform. We watched as several Chinese guards approached us. Thought we would be discovered. They were only concerned that we were holding up the train. We watched in awe as they helped us load the train with our heavy bags. It was a beautiful exhibition of the providence of God.

Hong Kong was a lot like my hometown. There was a New York style energy to the place. On Sunday we attended a church service where the pastor delivered his sermon in Mandarin instantaneously translating it into English. It was breathtaking to watch a guy who taught himself mandarin speak so effectively and powerfully. Other things I remember was the camaraderie. Twenty three of us with a common mission and purpose. We would travel through China on trains and buses. We would sleep under mosquito nets. We ate all sorts of indigenous food. We took a hydroplane ferry from Macau on the last leg of our trip. After a week of ministry we would fly out to continue our ministry in a remote village in the Philippines. It was an amazing time. Before Hong Kong I had such a small view of the world and the love of God.

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  1. This is thrilling to read about Bob. My younger son did the same thing there and had miracles the same way.
    There is nothing like Global ministry to give a person a better world view and understanding of how powerful and amazing God really is.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Unclear as to why you would delete my entire comment, instead of simply editing it appropriately to your satisfaction?

    1. I am unable to edit comments from other people Rob. Sorry if I offended you by deleting. Feel free to comment again without using names. Love you bro.


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