Internet or Iowa

Is the Internet a place? Hard to say. It is a part of cyberspace and lives in different server farms. The truth is I really could not think of an 'I' place other than Iowa that I have been to. And there was really not much to write about. Well there was that time many years ago when I attended our niece's wedding in Red Oak, IA. And we have visited a few other times. Yet nothing seemed too memorable about Iowa. Except for Larry, Kathy, Kevin, Angie, Conor and Caitlin of course.

Now the Internet. I have several homes on the Internet. I visit them regularly. You are visiting my main home right now. Then there are my homes on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Wordpress, Tumblr, Livespace, Xanga, Myspace and possibly a few more that I cannot remember. And I visit many of your places on the Internet too. In fact, I may have been to your place this week. I find the Internet to be a place of information, inspiration and interaction. I like that. Especially when I consider how being connected this way does not require putting gas in my car or buying a plane ticket. ツ

... a place that I have been to ... part of the A to Z series.

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