A to W minus X and Y plus Z equals Great Memories

Here is a recap (with links to the posts) of my April postings of the places that I have lived or visited:

Vintage Bob
Arizona :: a 31 year gap between visits revealed that it is still mostly desert

Brooklyn :: remembering my bus, ferry and subway trek to high school

Chicago :: the week that Ann came close to death and her journey back

District of Columbia :: the Smithsonian and my first boxed chicken lunch

El Paso :: my years serving in the US Army at a missile firing site

Fort Jackson :: it was a lot colder in South Carolina that I thought it would be

Galveston :: our first spring break vacation with the family in 1995

Hong Kong :: adventures in bible smuggling and sermons in Mandarin

Internet or Iowa :: with all due respect to my family in Iowa

The Jersey Shore :: blindness and 65 mile one-way commutes in my twenties

Kansas City :: 40 years later I still love so many things about KC

Lenexa :: sweet times raising kids on two acres in suburbia

Mississippi :: dad's stew, family reunions and being half rebel and half yankee

Niagara Falls :: majestic beauty encounters as we celebrated ten years of marriage

Olathe :: the hard years of Ellen's blindness seemed to behind us

The Philippines :: an amazing encounter with 30+ pregnant women

Q39 :: great urban rustic place to eat delicious KC BBQ

The River Market :: a new adventure for Ann and me in wheelchair living

Staten Island :: thankful to have grown up surrounded by so much friendship, love and acceptance

Toronto :: the views of the city and Lake Ontario were amazing

Union Station :: over a half million fans gathered there to celebrate the Royals' World Series win

Victoria :: fun times riding ferry boats in a red mustang

White Plains :: one of the many business trips that I took in my years at at&t

Zanesville :: memories of my 1200 mile journeys to visit family on the east coast

Ann and Bob in 1999 at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia

... a place that I have been to ... part of the A to Z series.


  1. Fantastic summary! Let's see I have been to AZ, Chicago, DC, El Paso, Iowa, Mississippi, Niagara Falls, Philippines, Victoria, White Plains, and I believe as a child on a road-trip we drove through both Xenia and Zanesville, OH. I think I have been to KC but not super sure. We have been to the Butchart Gardens, that was fantastic.I know we have been a few places in both KS and MO, St Louis for sure. I saw the arch. Thanks for dropping by each day Bob!

    1. Thanks Gregg. Look forward to reading your Z. ツ

  2. Well, I've missed a week or more of your blog posts. My sweet MIL passed away the 16th, so we had lots, (LOTS) of people here last week. She was a very special person. Raised her 8 children as a single mother when her husband died after 17 years of marriage. I plan on posting about her, soon. I'll try to get caught up, but if I don't, I have enjoyed the ones I read!

    1. So sorry to hear about you MIL Linda. Prayers for comfort in this difficult time.

    2. She was 95 and 10 days. She was ready to go to her eternal home. The memorial was absolutely beautiful!

    3. Thanks for sharing that Linda. My MIL was 97 when she passed and it was a blessed passing of a wonderful woman of faith.

  3. Wow, that was very interesting and entertaining Bob. I have not been to through the alphabet in travels that anyone would know. I have flown from Peris California to Portland Maine in a 4 passenger plane. So I few over a lot of states and saw it from 10 thousand feet. Wonderful trip.

    1. I loved remembering the times I spent in those places Wanda. Had not thought about them in some time.


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