It was Spring Break 1995. Ann and I got engaged on Valentine's Day. It would be our first time away with the children. We chose to fly to Houston and drive down to Galveston with my two kids (ages 14 and 10) and one of my son's friends (also 14). What an eye opener for Ann. She was 42 and never been married. Teens and a preteen acting up in the rear seat of our rental car was a bit outside of her comfort zone. Here are a few things that I remember about that week:
  • early morning walks on the beach with Ann;
  • crawfish meal with the family;
  • a trip to the Johnson Space Center;
  • riding the rides at Six Flags over Texas;
  • warm temps, but not warm enough to swim;
  • a time of discovery for a new family.
That time of my life caught me by surprise. I did not know that I would find love again so soon. Being with Ann during our courtship was such an amazing experience. Our trip to Galveston marked the beginning of many family vacations.

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  1. This makes my heart sing. Its never too late and love does seem to find a way.


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