Niagara Falls

In June 2005 my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Niagara Falls. Our hotel room overlooked the horseshoe falls on the Canadian side. In our room there was a tube-like vent beneath the window that, when opened, allowed the soothing sounds of the waters to enter our room. The view was spectacular yet I expected something more majestic.

After the initial let down we rode the "Maid of the Mist" boat and experienced the Falls from a different point of view. It is hard to described the sense of power that I felt as I experienced the Falls from this position. The Falls were so huge and so magnificent. Perspective made all the difference.

When we later returned to our room I snapped this pic of the Falls. You know, when the view changes … when the perspective or content is different … a different dynamic is at play. When I saw the Falls from the boat I was able to take in the power of the Falls. When I saw the rainbow over the Falls I was reminded of God’s blessings. A different perspective will often bring us to a new place of appreciation for God’s working in our lives. If we can only get past our expectations and imaginations. ツ

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  1. I went to Niagra Falls as a kid. I was fascinated then. I need to take Irene since she has never seen them. Nice post, Bob.

    1. Thanks Gregg. It is definitely worth the trip.


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