Kansas City

I came to KC almost 40 years ago. I first flew in to interview for a promotion. In July 1976 I began training to be a computer programmer. For two months I stayed at a hotel in midtown and took a bus to the office where I learned all about software design and coding. I absolutely loved what I was learning. I really had an aptitude for it. Each weekend the company would either loan me a car to hunt for a place to live or they would buy me a round trip plane ticket to my home in Houston. It was a beautiful time of transition to a new profession and a new city.

40 years latter, these are the things that I love about Kansas City.
  • That first summer I was introduced to KC BBQ and have loved it ever since.
  • Great schools and great churches in the metroplex.
  • The Chiefs, the Royals and Sporting KC Soccer are fun sports venues.
  • Cost of living is fairly low. Homes are very affordable.
  • Wonderful entertainment spots, theater, eateries and museums.
  • A downtown area that is an a bit of a renaissance.
  • We see all of the seasons but temps are usually not too hot or cold.
The beauty of Kansas City is that it is a fairly large city with small town feel. It is a great place to raise a family.

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