Pronounced Oh-lay-tha, this city was the first one that Ellen, our dog Max (pictured) and I lived in Kansas. I was 27 when we bought our first house there. Back then this KC suburb had a population of about 25,000. It is about 125,000 today and is the fourth largest in both Kansas and in the KC metroplex. I lived there for eight years and began to lay down my KC roots. My kids were born in there and would eventually finish their schooling there. Olathe has a good school system and is a great family community.

What I remember most about that era is how everything seemed new. New house in a new community. New faith at a new church. It was in Olathe where my faith began to grow. We began attending a nondenominational pentecostal church in Kansas City Kansas named Full Faith Church of Love. I went to their Bible College and began to take on leadership responsibilities. Soon I was leading two small groups in our large family room. Everything seemed so fresh and alive. The hard years of Ellen's blindness seemed to behind us. I think that happiness is what I remember most about Olathe.

... a place that I have been to ... part of the A to Z series.


  1. Great post Bob! Sounds like happy times and a happy place.

  2. My sister and b.i.l live in Olathe. The town does possess an air of newness. Too big for my taste, though. Well of course I think of it as a part of a huge metroplex.

    1. Small world vanilla. Perhaps we will catch a cup of joe when you next visit?


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