Top Ten Viewed Posts of 2011

Blogger has an interesting feature that displays the number of page views that each blog post had. I normally do not have very high numbers and when I do I suspect the views are more about a Google image search than something that I wrote. Even so I thought it might be fun to show my most viewed posts for the year with their page view stats.
  1. You might have OCD if ... :: 1849
  2. 66 Shelby Ford Mustang GT350 found in a Shed :: 1384
  3. Toxic Side Effects :: 995
  4. Optimism in Face of Trials :: 715
  5. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk :: 604
  6. Man vs Machine :: 576
  7. Crazy Never Wins :: 539
  8. The Secret Life of Bees :: 443
  9. St Patrick's Day Clichés :: 441
  10. A Good Day to Forgive :: 427
Let me know if you remember any of these. I confess that I forgot a few. :)

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