Do you stop or pass by those red kettles?

Heard a great story this morning of a Salvation Army kettle donation in a Kansas City suburb. A Shawnee, Kansas collection center was surprised to find a solitary diamond had been dropped into a red kettle located at a Walmart store. The diamond was assessed by a jeweler and valued around two thousand bucks. Inspires me to make sure to stop at those red kettles and make a donation.

How about you? Do you stop or pass by those red kettles?


  1. We have a number of charities that we give to, the Salvation Army is not one of them. That said, I do make an effort to wish them a Merry Christmas.

  2. I wonder if someone lost the diamond while putting in a dollar.... just kidding. I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring years ago....never did find it. Now Don and I wear gold bands.

    I do stop and donate, but I've never donated a gem!!!

  3. Yup, I donated half of what I found in my winter jacket pocket today. Not 2 thousand dollars worth, but a bit more more than a buck. Me thinks the diamond donation was the end result of an engagement gone bad. Certainly a much better use of a precious gem than pitching it into the ocean.....or the trash!

  4. I have a soft spot for the Salvation Army kettle. I don't know why. But I try to get something in each one I come across during the season.


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