Dumb Wheelchair Ramps!

This morning I spent a few minutes trying to share with a new friend what it is like living life with the limitations imposed by a wheelchair. I felt like I was not communicating what it was like very well at all. Perhaps it is something that you have to be involved with on a day to day basis to really understand. Or maybe I need to work on my story. :)

That said, I do think that this image of a wheelchair ramp dead ending into a column tells a bit of a story. You can see more dumb wheelchair ramps here.


  1. Hopefully you'll be able to see this. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-sUfsbffYDjg/Tu-D_xLgAII/AAAAAAAAAy4/5nLgJWZjVIs/h301/wheelchair%2Baccess%2Bfail.JPG

  2. Hi Bob,

    The only words for any of these is EPIC FAIL. The people who designed these monstrosities should be sentenced to spending an entire month IN A WHEELCHAIR and having to deal DAILY with the idiocy they've created. Having been in a wheelchair (temporarily) and having been the one pushing a wheelchair, I fully understand where you're coming from. Yet even ramps that aren't so obviously atrocious can be problematic. One of our local post offices was retrofitted with a ramp that's so steep and a landing so short, I don't know how anyone in a non-motorized wheelchair could manage it. Frustrating and scary!

  3. @Scott - That is simply starnge!

    @CR - My wife and I have seen so many things like that. Even so we try to stay positive. We are thankful that our federal govt interfered and made sidewalks and bathrooms (new ones anyways) welcoming for wheelchairs.


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