On Living Simply ...

These five simple rules are beautiful reminders that real happiness is within our grasp. For me these all are a part of what it means to walk by faith. Consider a few of my thoughts on these rules listed in the image:

  1. Hatred and ill feelings can so take hold of us when we fixate on our pain, trials and disappointments. Being free from such is but a simple prayer away.
  2. Worry and fear have held me in bondage when I allow my senses to rule me. When I trust the Lord with my heart I am set free from such captivity.
  3. I think that humility lies at the heart of living simply. My life gets so complicated when I become full of myself and walk in pride. I am really not that great.
  4. Living the life of an accountant has never produced lasting joy in my life. I have learned that generosity is so good for my soul and often the path to blessing.
  5. Uncommunicated expectations always get me in trouble. Better to always simply communicate your expectations to others. Expect nothing if you do not.
On that last point it is wise to note that there are no guarantees in life regardless of what your expectations are.
Always take the time to love. If you do not have time to love then I suspect you need to simplify your life.


  1. Excellent list, and comentary. The simple life is the happy life.

  2. I agree with you on expectations, they always trip me up too. The more claims you have on life the more likely you are to be disappointed. Good list.


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