Buddy Roemer's Friday Tweets

Thought I might share a few of Buddy's tweets from yesterday ...

I'm learning that becoming president is not always about experience and ideas. It's about money, fame and momentum.

Washington is bought and sold like a sack of potatoes.

We are a representative democracy where gov't must be held accountable by the people. America, corp $ owns your politicians!

My biggest beef is with Super PAC's because they allow unlimited corporate campaign contributions. They should be illegal.

If corporations are people, I can't wait for the day they draft them and send them off to war instead of our young men and women.

At the center of our gov't lies a bankrupt institution: Congress. Not financially bankrupt, but politically bankrupt.

Congress spends between 30%-70% of their time raising money. They don't govern, they grovel. They don't lead, they collect.

Why is CEO of GE (a major offshorer of US jobs) top advisor to current US Jobs Bill? Any surprise that GE also top 2008 campaign donor?

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