Country Strong | ★★

Not sure how this movie got on my Netflix queue. Perhaps someone who enjoys melodramatic bad-acted movies just because a few country songs are sung got hold of my password? I sincerely wish that I had not wasted 117 minutes of my life watching the video version of it.

For starters the plot was really lame. I thought that it pandered to the people who always vote for the country artists on American Idol even when they are out-sung by others. Gwyneth Paltrow was horribly campy in the lead role and Tim McGraw was wooden at best.

If there is a redeeming value to the movie it might be the message that one should not place their career above the well being of themselves and their family. On a scale of ten I give it .

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  1. I like Country Music....but so glad I didn't go see this movie, and will not rent it.

    I was glad when Scotty won American Idol...nice kid, loves his Lord, family and church. Hope fame does not change him.

  2. I heard the movie was lame. But what would one expect, country ended when Charlie Rich was forced to give the male country vocalist award to John Denver. Real country is almost one. Most of what one calls country is just bad rock and roll.


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