Moments that Touched me in 2011

Love the sentiment expressed in this image. Reminds me that life is marked by the moments that touch us deeply. Thought I might share a few of my moments, both deep and not, from the past year - a few of them I share with many of you.
  1. That moment in July that the tube came out and my wife Ann came off the ventilator. I will always remember the feeling of inexpressible joy when she first breathed on her own.
  2. That moment when my son graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University. Feelings of pride rose in my heart knowing how long and hard he worked to make this happen after he left the Army.
  3. There seemed to be a closure for many of us in the moment that we heard of Osama bin Laden's death. Reminded me of the moment my warrior son came home from Iraq for the last time.
  4. Shared a few beautiful moments over a meal with blogging friends in Chicago. It was sweet to meet Keith and Therese in person after years of virtual friendship.
  5. The moment that I visited my friend John for the last time before he passed away haunts me. Seeing him in such pain was hard on my heart.
  6. Coming home after a long and difficult summer in Chicago was one of the more blissful moments of my year. Was blessed to find my cabinets stocked by our church.
  7. I remember that gut-wrenching moment in October when I heard that my beautiful niece Lynn had lost her three year battle with cancer and of how I cried with my brother and sister on the phone.
  8. Love the many moments that I spent with Ann enjoying a simple meal and sharing our hearts in conversation. Reminds me that life is all about the simple things.
  9. Remember the moments when Mary Jo, Todd, Jim and Kathy touched my heart by just being there in Chicago with me when I was afraid and hurting the most.
  10. I seem to be able to remember the moments that I heard of the death of friends and public figures. There is something that touches us when a fellow traveler dies.
What are the moments in 2011 that you will remember most? Please share at least one.


  1. My year has not been as interesting or as difficult as yours.
    I had a couple of friends go home to be with the Lord and renewed my acquaintance with other friends at their funeral.
    We sent our pastor on a much needed sabbatical, but everything continued to function well while he was gone.
    Sometimes no news is good news.

  2. My step-father died, and the family that remained did too. SAD!

    I rejoiced when I awoke from my surgery without pain.

    Mostly good, with a little not so good.

    I've enjoyed your posts.

    Happy New Year!

  3. @Mike - Glad to hear there "no news". :)

    @Linda - "Mostly good" is pretty good these days.

  4. We were touched by a generous gift. I don't want to say more:)


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