Charitable Giving Habits of GOP Candidates

Recently Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries, called out Franklin Graham telling him to repent after Graham said that it is acceptable for a Christian to vote for a Mormon. Pastor Andrew also said “God cannot bless us for betraying Jesus and voting for a non-Christian.” It got me to wondering who amongst the crew acted Christian when it came to charity.

In a series of articles the Huffington Post took a close look at the charitable giving of Republican presidential candidates. How much and to whom did they give? How does their giving compare with their fellow Americans? And what impact did they ultimately have? Here are the titles and links to those articles:
Bachmann Charity Work: Christian And Controversial

Newt Gingrich's Charities Wither While His Political Organizations Thrive

Jon Huntsman 2012: Legacy Of Charity Efforts May Be Liability In GOP Presidential Race

Ron Paul's Charity: Libertarian Views Fail Reality Test

Governor Rick Perry: Big On Prayer, Not So Big On Charity

Mitt Romney Gives Millions To Charity, Most To Mormon Church
Rick Santorum is noticeably absent from their list - feel free to provide a link in the comments to an article that deals with Santorum's charitable habits. Even so, I think that you might find the reading insightful. Reminds me of how the Lord tells us that we will know his followers by their fruit.


  1. I give to individuals. We set money aside and let it build up and then give it. I don't care about IRS reporting. So if I ran for political office, does that mean I'm not acting Christian enough. Isn't this by the IRS standards. Isn't giving supposed to be about doing it and not for the recognition. What things do these people do that are not recorded by the IRS. Maybe none, maybe a ton.

  2. @jrchaard - Perhaps, but you are not running. Do you know of a candidate in the race that your comment applies to?

  3. That's the problem, we don't know. Nobody knows to whom or in what amount I give, nor that it even happens, but that doesn't make it less real

  4. @jrchaard - I do not think that it is as complicated as you are making it. All a candidate would have to say is something similar to what you have said about yourself. But feel to keep on believing that these mostly rich folks give the way that you do.

  5. interesting series, though the headlines seem to add a twist that does not come across when you read the articles. always scratching my head that huntsmam has not gained traction... he comes across as a real deal. from what i've read, perry doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would be passing up on eligible deductions, but as jrchaard notes, who's to know.


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