Who is Rick Perry?

The Texas governor jumped into the GOP presidential race this weekend and many are asking the question "Who is Rick Perry?" I do not plan to answer that question but will point you to two exhaustive blog posts from the Pesky Truth blog. The first post is titled Want to know more about Rick Perry? and speaks to Perry's positive attributes. The second post, titled Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry, addresses the negative baggage that comes with the Perry candidacy. Here is an interesting clip from the first post that speaks to concerns that some have about Perry:
"There’s said to be little love lost between Former President Bush (43) and Perry. Both men honored the tenets of Texas Republicanism: low taxes, small government and limited regulation. But Bush prided himself on his ability to work with Democrats, while Perry took a much more partisan approach.

Bush, or “George,” as Perry called him, “was no fiscal conservative – never was. I mean, ’95, ’97, ’99,” Perry went on, elaborately ticking Bush’s Governor years off on his fingers, “George Bush was spending money!” That statement alone could have cooled the climate between the two men."
I did find Pesky Truth to be a bit of an advocate for Rick Perry but I thought that his lengthy posts presented a good picture of the Texas governor and answered some of my questions.


  1. Great links, Bob! Thanks for sharing the info.

    What's your take on Perry thus far?

  2. Too early for me to tell Nephos. It did hearten me to read that Perry, unlike W, is a fiscal conservative.

  3. I have bookmarked that Pesky Truth blog. Thanks Bob!

  4. Ain't politics fun? Although I belong to the American Independent Party I usually vote Republican in the general elections.

  5. We all should know the answer to your question, now!


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