Stuck in the Shallow End

Yesterday two folks commented here and one friend commented on Facebook about the ways that they got unstuck. The lifestyle changes they made varied from taking up golf, healthy diet changes and water aerobics. That last change reminded me of this newspaper article from the spring of 2006 - click on the image to read the story.. a bit fuzzy but sort of readable. You can read my 2006 perspective about the experience here. Not sure who the old guy in the picture is ... whoever it is ... it is a very unflattering picture.

Have you ever conquered a life long fear and found yourself unstuck and free of it?


  1. Now you're asking hard questions, Bob. Now I'll have to sit down and really think about what I am afraid of instead of simply shoving these things to the back of my mind. Do you really know what you've challenged me (us) to do? LOL..........

    BTW, no one looks good in a swimming pool but kids and young Olympic athletes, so don't sweat the photo.

    Swim on, brother! Swim on!


  2. LOVE IT.

    I have still not conquered my life long fear, and I'm not even sure how to describe that fear, its not something tangible or easily defined.

    You're right, not the most flattering photo but who looks good in a pool except youngsters and Olympic athletes?

    Oh my gosh, the comment above mine said the same it must be true.

  3. My fear was always of leprosy... wouldn't even hold a Bible or Dictionary by the page side for fear the "leprosy would leak out" !?

    God cured me of it when as missionaries in Suriname, SA, I had to take my kids to a dermatoligist-- yep, the only one in town was at a leprosarium! What a sense of humor God has -- but it's constructive, too. :)

    Yes, swim on Bob!


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