Technologically Hampered Vacations

This photo (below) is a bit absurd but it does point to the reality that many experience as they are forced to take their work with them on vacations. This week we have seen this idea take form as we see the president take breaks from his vacation to carry out the duties of his office. Consider this excerpt from an article titled "We need a break from work":
Polls indicate that less than half of Americans will take a vacation this year, down from approximately 70 percent who vacationed a decade ago. No doubt the recession is a primary cause in this trend. Yet a different trend line may suggest more lasting and unhealthy consequences: for those who do take a vacation, almost half will stay connected to work by checking email and taking phone calls.
I think that technology has really caught up with us. Things once considered technological perks have now become professional expectations when you consider how smart phones now make folks available 24/7 via talk, email and text. Makes me ponder how relaxed people will be when they return back to work from technologically hampered vacations.

Can you relate? Does technology help or harm your rest when you take time off?

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