Bizarre World of Collegiate Dollars

For years I have appalled by the way that university sports programs seem to trump academics - the real reason that these institutions exist. So I was not surprised by the news of how Rutgers University in New Jersey is cutting costs. Here are a few clips from the story:
The NCAA said in a financial analysis published in July that student fees and support from university budgets in fiscal 2010 provided the biggest share of sports revenue since 2004, based on the median of the 120 largest programs in the organization, which the NCAA calls its Football Bowl Subdivision. Schools’ subsidies and student fees accounted for 21 percent of the $6.3 billion in athletic revenue, the NCAA said.  
At Rutgers, of the $26.9 million given to subsidize athletics in fiscal 2010, $18.4 million came from university coffers, top among state schools in the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences.
The sad fact is that college sports programs like football and basketball are huge industries supported by alumni, fans and mega TV contracts. BCS football bowl contests and March basketball madness have contributed to the bizarre atmosphere in collegiate life. And I imagine nothing will change with school starting in the coming weeks.

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