Charity, Donations and Tax Receipts

Saw this on Facebook today and had to comment on it. Now I know that the US Tax Code allows a deduction for contributions made to charitable groups but I sometimes wonder if this is a good thing for those groups, the donors and the government. It seems, as the cartoon indicates, that folks can be distracted from what is important to what is beneficial for them. Perhaps the Tax Code fosters a dynamic that helps groups that are not all that charitable? What do you think?


  1. Bob, I am sure I am in the minority here, but first, I have never deducted my giving to God. (Goodwill, etc. the times I have deducted)I have only voiced this opinion when specifically asked so I have not shared this with many; to answer your question, I question the reasoning why someone would "give to God through his church" and then want a part of that back because the government allows it.

    Is is really a question of being prudent, or maybe just greedy?

    If we give 10.00 to God why would we want to receive back a percentage, even if in credit, for what we are to be sacrificially and joyfully giving? I don't get it. Though I will never condemn nor criticize anyone who does, nor will I make an issue of it in the pulpit, I truly don't get it.

    Non-religious or non-church donations might be a different issue. Goodwill, Cancer organizations and other non-profits I don't really have an opinion on.

    But you are right in your ever so gracious statement that the codes sometimes recognizes those who are not either "spiritual" or strictly non-profit.

  2. As a bigger picture, I think you eliminate ALL tax deductions and lower the overall rates so everyone pays some sort of income tax and everyone has some skin in the game. I think you will have more responsible voting.

  3. @Gregg - Thanks for sharing that side of the issue. Having that view frees one up to give to God without consideration of whether man recognizes it or not.

    @jrchaard - The side effect of eliminating charitable tax donations is the potential that fewer people will give to the poor and the govt will have to do more than it already does.

  4. Bob, by eliminating the deductions and reducing the overall rate, there will be more money available for donations, made from the heart.

  5. @jrchaard - You might be right for people who give selflessly from the heart with no regard for tax implications. What percentage of giving do you feel falls into that category? Do you feel that people are basically good and philanthropic?


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