Man's New Best Friend

I am in the fifth year of my smart phone experiment. I started with a Motorola Q (MS Windows Mobile OS) which gave way to a Palm Pre (WebOS) and now to a LG Optimus (Android).
I do not think that I am addicted to my smart phone but a few of these signs in this article, titled Addicted to Our Smartphones, shed some light on the way that these phones have changed our lives. Consider these signs from the article and my thoughts on them:
  • Utilizing the phone to avoid human interaction.
     || Not sure that I consciously do this but I think some do.
  • Becoming so engrossed in the phone that everything else is completely tuned-out. || Busted. I do find myself tuned out at times when I am reading email on my phone.
  • Spending more money on data plans than they can afford (the average wireless access bill for smartphone users is now $107 per month) || I do not doubt that statistic. Sprint bumped my smart phone data plan charges two years ago and then wanted to bump it another $10/month this year.
Do you have a Smart Phone? Can you relate to these signs of addiction?


  1. I'm really only hooked on them when I first get them. I do check texts and emails when I hear notifications, and I will check Facebook if I'm just sitting around, but that's about it.

  2. No sir, I don't have a Smart Phone, I have one of those dumb phones that make phone calls. So I guess I have missed the addictions.

  3. But I can check the baseball scores every 5 minutes.


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