Vizio Tablet is a Game Changer

With a selling price of $299 I think that this Vizio 8" Tablet is a game changer. It is not much more than some of the color e-readers on the market and hundreds of dollars less than the other tablets on sale these days.

I am not much of a prognosticator but I think that this entry into the iPad driven market has the potential to change tech buying trends this Christmas. Do you think that this lower price might entice you to buy one?


  1. Much closer to what I want to pay. I'll have to play with one when I can. App support seems to be what is hurting many Android tablets I've read about. I don't want to have to root the darn thing just to use it the way I want.

  2. I'm getting close to buying a second computer because my wife and I share one, and it sometimes can be challenging. :) This looks like a possibility.

  3. This would be fine for most of what I use my iPad for-couch surfing, Facebook and games.


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