Tips about Tips

Saw this post titled How to Tip Properly During the Holidays at the Lifehacker site.
Here are holiday tipping recommendations from Kiplinger Magazine:
  • Cleaning people: The cost of one visit.
  • Newspaper delivery people: $10 to $30.
  • Babysitters: The cost of one or two babysitter jobs.
  • Your child's teacher: A thoughtful gift.
  • Personal trainer: The cost of a session.
  • Trash Collectors: $10 to $30 each
  • Favorite nursing-home worker: A personal gift.
  • Hairstylists: The cost of one visit.
  • Dog walker: A week's pay.
I think that the newspaper delivery folks and my barber may be the only one that affect me - and I like their suggestions. I have to admit that I never did tip trash collectors and did not give gifts to teachers passed the early elementary grades.. and did not have a steady babysitter when my kids were young.

Thinking about tipping always reminds me of the preacher who said something like this about tipping in restaurants:
If you do not plan to be generous with your tip then please do not pray before you eat. We do not need any more examples of cheap and stingy Christians.
Over the years those words have guided me to be more generous in dealing with people - whether they know I am a Christian or not. It is always a good idea to be generous.

What do you think of the Kiplinger tipping amounts listed? Too high? Too low?


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  2. Too High!

    A personal gift for a favorite nursing-home worker I would definitely say yes.


  3. Good grief! I can't afford all that...I do tip our mailman, he's always been really nice.


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