Thinking about the snow out east..

Hoping you east coasters are warm and safe inside. My younger sister has a long driveway with two feet of snow in it.. and the snow blower broke. My older sister is travelling back to New Jersey from Erie, PA. So I am thinking about the snow and hoping you all stay safe.


  1. I was born and raised in the North towns in the outskirts of Buffalo, NY. I have seen lots of snow. And they are getting their fill yet again. I do not miss it. But I do have family and friends in the area.

    I too am keeping an eye on the snow.

  2. I was born 80 miles or so southeast of Cleveland in Salem, Ohio. I, too have seen lots of snow. I do miss it in in 6-8" increments, I do not miss the sub-zeros or the blizzards.

    With the rain lately here in the Pacific Northwest, it is almost time to "pair-em again, Noah!"

  3. Greatful to not have snow. Several of my friends are stuck in airports trying to get back to NY and Boston.
    Love the cartoon too.


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