$11,000,000 Christmas Tree

A 43 foot Christmas tree has been decked out with 131  gold and precious stone ornaments costing $11 million (US) and stands in the lobby of the Emirates Palace hotel, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The $11 million symbol of the season has become the latest extravagance at the hotel, which boasts its own marina, heliport and a vending machine that pops out small gold bars.

I am thinking that these folks might have more money than sense. I wonder what the security detail looks like? 10 guards a guarding 50 golden rings!!


  1. They have certainly manged to capture the heart and essence of Christmas, haven't they? I mean, they DO call it a "Christmas" tree, don't they?

  2. For some reason my sarcasm alert is not showing up in the previous comment. Consider this its replacement. ;)

  3. Dubai is the new "showboat" of the world. They have Rolex clocks in their airport. I can easily think of 11 million better ways to use the money.

  4. Beautiful, rediculous excess. Truly, money and the season have no real meaning or value to those who spend like that. A vending machine for small gold bars....good grief!


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