List Your Blog Friday!

My bloggin buddy Eddie regularly invites folks to list their blogs there.

So, if you regularly read my blog, please feel free to list your blog (along with your name, the blog URL and a blurb about it) in the comments.


  1. Thanks Bob. I'm not a regular reader, unless you consider it as regularly every other month. But, I am a follower, so here's the blog:

    Family Fountain

  2. I read your blog regularly.

    Mine is called Grandma's Page

    I write and post things about which I think about, or not think about. It is just fun for me, and I hope, for my readers.

  3. I read you everyday! I enjoy it so much.

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  4. Bob, you know I read your stuff on a daily basis!

    Anyway, for anyone who cares:

    I mostly post oddities for laughs. It's a way to stay sane!

  5. I'm a regular reader and sometimes commenter. My ramblings are at:

    On the Journey

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  7. I have a serious blog also. It is designed to bless Christian hearts everywhere. It's called Facets of Grace. Click HERE to find it.

  8. Well, I am doing something wrong. I keep getting "Error 404" when I click on the "HERE".
    Just put Facets of Grace in your search engine and that should solve the problem. (Some days, I just can't do anything right!)

  9. I read as often as I can. Sometimes daily, sometimes not, but always an enjoyable read.


    Just my thoughts, sometimes inspired by life, sometimes by a scripture, sometimes both.

  10. Just found your blog and like it. My blogs are:

    A reformed street evangelism blog:

    My missionary blog (Peru):


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