My 2010 Blog Retrospective

2010 has been an interesting year for me. Ann and I downsized big-time as we moved about 25 miles north from the suburbs to a loft in downtown Kansas City. Our new life in urban KC has been fun and challenging. So, here at the end of 2010, I thought that I would look back and list one post per month for 2010 that sort-of represented my thinkings:
  • January: The Erroneous Theology of Job - I like to discuss theology and ideology a lot here because of the effects they have on our lives. Sadly, theologies and ideologies often have negative impacts on us and the people that we love.
  • February: Groundhog Day Q&A - You do not need to visit here very often to know that I enjoy watching movies. My mini-movie reviews are listed one-by-one in my sidebar. But feel free to check all of them out here.
  • March: The Unknown Disease - Bringing light to Devic's Disease (NMO), the syndrome that disabled my wife's body, has been a bit rewarding. If you want to know more click the NMO image in my sidebar.
  • April: Scrooge the Libertarian - Politics and the elections have been one of my favorite topics to blog about. I feel that so much of the feedback I get is educational.
  • May: Age of Majority: 18 or 21? - I like to write about contemporary issue like this. The feedback I get on topics like this is very interesting.
  • June: I posted three times this month about my family. I remembered my first wife here, my dad's stew here and a poem written to Ann here. Family is a common theme.
  • July: But it felt like humiliation - From the beginning of my blogging days I have always found it to be a bit therapeutic to talk about the things in my life that make me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes just expressing my feelings is healing.
  • August: Images of Islamophobia - Religion, and Islam in specific, is a topic that interests me. The year has been rife with stories about reactions to the NYC Mosque and Muslims in general. Islam, Christianity and Extremism was such a post.
  • September: Do You Celebrate Fake Holidays? - I love the inane and trivia can be a lot of fun. People will often comment on posts like this but will stay away from ones of a more serious nature.. and I do love trivial stuff.
  • October: Anonymous has Questions about God - As many of you know I love to dialog about all things theological. This post came from questions that a person had in the comments of a prior post.
  • November: My Open Letter to the President - I doubt that he read my post but it does seem that he has acted in accordance with a few my requests.
  • December: Remembering Rodger - I lost my Mom and several friends this year. Two wonderful blogger friends passed away. Many celebrities died. Rodger's death reminds me how short and fragile life is.
I think that it was helpful to page through my 2010 posts.. found some common themes.. reminisced a bit as I remembered the events that caused me to blog. I'd love to hear any feedback from you on my bloggings this year. Any suggestions for me?

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  1. A very interesting way to look back on the year. Enjoyed many of those posts.

    I had the year 2009 of my blog printed into book form. It turned out really nice, and my family and friends enjoy thumbing through it and reading posts and seeing pictures.

    I will do the same for 2010. Someday when I'm gone, I think this will be a picture journal of those years.


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