Snowy Photography

My wife Ann took this photo a few years ago with our old Fuji camera. She may have a chance to get another like it as our Kansas City metroplex is bracing for our first major snowstorm of the season. So I thought that I would excerpt a few tips from Rachel King's article titled Five tips on photographing snowy scenes.. here are her tips in brief:
  1. Exposure: Snow is very, very bright. Just like you shouldn’t forget to bring sunscreen when going skiing, you should also prep your camera.
  2. Timing: When you take a picture can change the setting entirely.
  3. Composition: Wintertime makes for some great landscape photos. The mountains, the trees, frozen lakes and streams.
  4. Filters: With bright, white snow and if you’re lucky enough to get a fair sky, consider tacking a UV filter onto your lens to handle all of the brightness so your photos don’t end up washed-out.
  5. Safety: Snow has the magic of turning a dull spot into a winter wonderland, but it isn’t always safe either.
For the rest of Rachel's tips click here. Any other tips that you snowy photogs have?

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  1. No tips for snow. We do have bright sun, however. It's just another day in paradise here in Florida today. It is supposed to get quite chilly Christmas night, however.

    Merry Christmas to you.


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