Taking Great Vacation Pics

With Christmas just a few weeks away I thought that it might be helpful to get a few tips on using our digital cameras. I have to admit that I need some help.. I have a hard time getting motivated to carry the camera and then actually use it. So here are 5 Tips for Taking Great Vacation Photos from the Mostly Lisa blog.. with a few of my thoughts as well..
  1. Pack the right gear.
    Now that may not really apply to folks like me who gave up the telephoto lenses and tripods for the simplicity of point and shoot pocket cameras.. but if you have more than one camera..
  2. Bring extra memory cards & batteries
    I do usually carry extra batteries.. I also carry a AA battery charger too.. and I do have a small memory card that I have never used.. yet if you plan to max out your card..
  3. Capture the story
    Now that is a really great idea. I like the thought of developing (no pun intended) a script of sorts so that you can easily retell your vacation story. Suggest you try Lisa's blog for more info.
  4. Capture the entire scene
    I think that it is so easy to focus on the minutiae and forget to get the big picture. Sometimes the best pictures are the big ones.
  5. Don’t forget to get in the picture too!
    I love how easy it is.. and it seems to be getting easier.. to take photos of yourself. I also think that it is a good idea to get the assistance of strangers to take a pic of everyone.
I will add a number six to the mix and say that it is helpful to bring along a laptop so that you can make a copy of your memory card and possibly upload some of your vacation pics to one of the online photo album sites. I suggest that you visit Lisa's blog for great pics and more picture taking ideas.. especially if you are vacationing over the holidays.

How about you? are you the family photographer? Any suggestions for taking great pics?


  1. the right tips just at the right time :D Thanks!

  2. I got fired as the family photographer because I kept chopping peoples heads off in the photo! I'll pass these tip unto my replacement, Mrs. Geezer :-)



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