Anyone really happy with their cellphone service?

Obviously AT&T and T-Mobile got the most bad marks but don't you find it odd that there are so few red dots on the chart? Looking at the "74" rating on Sprint (my carrier) I'd have to say that the ratings are fairly accurate. What number would you give your cellphone carrier?


  1. I have had AT&T for over two years now and have never had a problem. I can actually say yes, I am happy with my cell service. I am not very techy or tech savy and don't do much with my phone or service, but I can actually say I am happy with it.

  2. I had U.S. Cellular for 10 years and they are amazing company. Great coverage, great customer service and lots of plan options.

    But when I moved to AZ, I had to switch. There are no stores out here and it just wasn't worth the hassle. I now have ATT&T and couldn't be less pleased with their phone service. If a conversation goes on for more than 10 minutes, the call will be dropped, every time.

    However, I don't use my phone (as a phone) that often. I use it more for email and internet. My life's become too mobile to always worry bout being at my desk for emails. I had some trouble back in Nebraska with this because there is virtually no 3G coverage out there. But here in AZ it's fine. So it's a trade off - I needed a phone that was more than just a phone (the iphone). I wanted something that would help organize my life, my schedule and all my contacts. I now have one place I had check 4 email accounts (two personal and two for work). And I can Twitter and Facebook on the fly. That's been great.

  3. Interesting feedback on AT&T service from two very different experience perspectives. Guess it points to the whole idea of regional service and type of use.

    I have never had AT&T service (I retired from AT&T before they had cell service) but I do resonate with the idea that these devices are becoming more than just phones. Recently read that some phones are coming out with Skype type calling features. Possibly one day all calls will be made via wifi and the web?


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