What is an Evangelist?

I think that many agree with this poster and embrace this strange idea about what a Christian evangelist is. In a sense the image is the exact opposite of what one is.

In my thinking a true evangelist is a person gifted in building relations with people. An evangelist is a good listener and wants to know what a person thinks.


  1. Perhaps they should be called relationists

  2. In my thinking the issue is sensitivity to the "hearer". Sometimes a stereotypical preaching approach works but I think that the "evangelist" (be that you, me or Billy Graham) needs to be sensitive to the audience and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our ears and our mouth.

  3. I agree, it's more of a heart and relational issue than the title!

    Also I would add some passion and compassion with that and truly letting the Spirit of God move and work.

  4. "passion and compassion"

    Hard to go wrong with that in what ever we do Wanda.


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