4 years, 2,350 posts and 100,000 visits later

I actually started blogging in 2004 at An Eye for Redemption. I mostly wrote there about my faith experiences and focused on the redemptive aspects of pain. I don't write there much anymore but am still getting visits (47,000 and counting) on the 400+ posts there. If I get inspired I may start writing more there.

During those first few years I began to make friends in the Blogosphere and wanted to blog about more than faith and redemption. So I started KansasBob.com with the intention of simply sharing my life's experiences and my opinions in a casual but intentional fashion.
Here are a few things that I recollect about blogging here:
  • I originally called it "What About Kansas Bob" then arbitrarily shortened the name.
  • The presidential election of 2008 gave me an opportunity to share my political views. It also helped me expand my thinking about the issues as I had discussions with many of you in the comments section.
  • I shared a bit of what it was like to have a son serving on the front lines in the Iraqi war and found support in your responses to my posts.
  • I found an outlet for my love of movies and shared mini-reviews of the ones that I saw. I am not a movie critic but know what I like.
  • In 2008 I began sharing about my struggles with Ann's disability and found a place to update friends on her health. Your thoughts and prayers still encourage me.
  • I love to share the things that I learn from other places in cyberspace. I regularly find great stuff on other blogs, websites and blogs.
  • I am a geeky tinkerer and like to mess around with my blogs' format. Guess my 30 years in software is a bit reflective of my nerdliness.
  • It is fun sharing blog authorship with other people like Bill, Ed, Martha, Sue and Wanda at the Daily Prayer blog.
  • I have learned so much from folks who do not agree with me. I feel that I am more open to new ideas and a little less closed minded than I used to be.
I am still about 25 visits short of 100,000 but hope that one of you will hit it today. I so appreciate your visits, your comments and your virtual friendship. Hope that this Christmas season finds you experiencing the joy and peace associated with the coming of Christ.


  1. Congratulations, Bob! Here's hoping this is the 100,000th visit. :D

    Looking forward to that many more.

  2. Congratulations Bob. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  3. Congratulations Bob... My goodness 100,000 that's marvelous.

    You are a blessing to a LOT of people, me included.

  4. Congrats, Bob! Here's to the next 100,000! :)

  5. congrats, Bob. May you continue to enlighten us with your posts.


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