St Barts is calling..

Anybody up for a few nights in St Barts?
I got an email inviting me to stay in the $25k per night Royal Suite at Hotel Carl Gustaf. I think we can do it if only 249 of you would agree to meet me there.

Just thinking about the cost of this suite.. not to mention the ones in Miami and Paris.. reminds me of the huge wealth gap that exists in the world. I mean really - how much money does one have to have to spend this much on a hotel room?


  1. You could drill 5 fresh water wells in some of the most plagued villages in Africa for the cost of one night of lavishness there.

  2. It would be a bit cozy for the 245 of us sharing!! (:0)
    Never been there so it would be an adventure.

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  4. I should have proofread a little better....too many mistakes, had to delete.... I'll try again!

    I think I will take a trip cross country and stay a night or two with each blogger I've met. I have blogger friends from CA to NY (ha ha ha)Just kidding, but wouldn't that be a blast!!!!

    We usually stay at Holiday Inn Express when traveling.

  5. When are we going? :) I would feel incredibly guilty staying in a place like that knowing that there were folks nearby that didn't have adequate shelter.

  6. I echo the sentiments of lavishness and waste. And for those traveling to/through Kansas City I offer the sofa bed in our spare bedroom and some great KC BBQ. It isn't St Barts but free is cheaper than $25k. :)


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