Letting Go

I think that letting go can be so hard when it comes to our children. My heart was encouraged today when I read Kim Allen's weekly tip. Here is the way that she begins:
Being a parent sure taught me a lot about life in general. One big lesson started the moment my son was born: Letting go. I've had to learn to let go and let him sleep in his own room; let go and let him cross the street to play; let go and let him walk to school; let go and let him choose his clothes, his friends, his own path. It's a life long process and sometimes, even though he's all grown up, I still have to remind myself, hey, this is not about me, is it?
I think that many of us can relate to this part of child rearing - it often seems easier to worry about them than to let go. Yet, I believe that it is also so hard to let go of the more subtle things of life. My wife Ann and I often speak to each other about letting go of our past dreams and expectations ... things dreamed when we were both healthy ... in a sense we can only embrace new dreams when we let go of the old ones.

Last year I posted something I called Letting Go of the Results and spoke to the idea that trusting God is all about letting go of the results of our prayers. In a sense faith is all about trusting when the results are unknown. And sometimes, like we do with our kids, we simply have let go of our expectations and embrace the results whatever they may be.

Can you relate to the need to let go of your children, your dreams and your expectations?


  1. Oh yes, Bob, I can relate. Having four adult children, and letting go is different for each of them.

    The hardest thing for me to let go of was the reality that our youngest Jill (now 40) would have permanent disabilities and pain for the rest of her life due to the accident she was in at 18. But let go I did, I remember the date 11/5/98 ~~ She has blossomed into a lovely woman, and has used her disabilities to encourage others.

    Several personal ones, I can't share on the blog... but yes, we all need to exercise letting go and letting God!

  2. oh yes,..I can relate to this very much. I am struggling with this very much. Our youngest(of 3), 19 yr. old son, is an addict. He was a very bright, sweet,rule following little boy,...who has now been arrested 4 times, been in 3 rehabs, and is currently facing some recent and serious charges. We've been on this journey for 4 yr.s and I know about the 3 Cs,etc., am a Christian...but am still having a very hard time with "letting go" on the outcome for him.

  3. I can relate to letting go when bad things happened to my children. It took me some time to get past the shame and embarrassments related to my children's choices but I found that letting them go was the only way that they were able (eventually) to learn from their bad decisions. My worrying and rescuing only got in the way. That said, I still feel the temptation to worry and rescue - but thankfully not like the old days.


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