The 3s of Me

My Facebook friend Annie tagged me in a note with the same title as this post.
I haven't dones one of these in a while so here it is:

3 nicknames
  • Bobby: My dad call me this until the day he passed on.
  • Eggy: Known by this one in junior high after my hair was buzzed.
  • Eddy: Some folks at work called me this in the early 80s.
3 jobs I have had
  • Soldier: Worked on a Nike missile firing site for 2 of my 3 years.
  • Software Designer: Started as a computer programmer in 1976.
  • Pastor: Loved providing care and counseling for people at church.
3 place I have lived
  • New York: Grew up on Staten Island in 5 houses on the same street.
  • New Jersey / Texas: Spent my early marriage years in these places.
  • Kansas City: Have lived in 4 different houses in the area since 1976.
3 favorite drinks
  • Coffee: Currently sipping on a 50-50 Starbucks breakfast blend.
  • Tea: My afternoon decaf drink of choice - English style like my mom.
  • Wine: I occasionally enjoy a Cabernet with lunch or supper.
3 TV shows I have watched
  • Seinfeld: The depth of the characters on this show was matchless.
  • House: Last season's portrayal of addiction and recovery was amazing.
  • Morning Joe: My favorite news program. Enjoy the friendly banter.
3 places I have been
  • Hong Kong/China: My bible smuggling trip was an adventure for sure.
  • Niagara Falls: Much more majestic and awe inspiring than I imagined.
  • British Columbia: This and the northwest area of the USA is spectacular.
3 of my favorite foods
  • Pizza: I especially love NYC style pizza but like deep dish Chicago style too.
  • BBQ: Love the KC version but also enjoy Carolina pulled pork sandwiches.
  • Steak: Not much out their that matches a Kansas City Strip steak.
3 things that are always at my side
  • Palm Pre: Calendar, email, RSS feeds, camera, games and even a phone.
  • Faith: Gets me through my days and lifts me up when I am sad.
  • Glasses: Don't always wear them but I always have them with me.
3 things I am looking forward to
  • Vacation: Ann and I are hoping to travel this winter to a warmer climate.
  • Advances in Medicine: Ann is hoping to get into a stem cell trial.
  • Heaven: Words cannot express the hope that I have in my heart.
I am tagging all who read this to share at least one of these 3s in the comments. And if you feel so inclined please accept the tag and share all of them on your blog. And let me know if you do. I would love to read about your 3 things!

And in closing I want to tell you how thankful I am for your visits here. The virtual friendships that I have made over the years is so precious to me. Have a great day!


  1. My blogs are set up to post auto until the first of December, but I think I will take your challenge and post my 3s of me on Friday, December 3, 2010.

    As far as today: 3 Jobs I have had

    Pastor: My spiritual gift is pastor/teacher

    Butcher/Slaughterer: Worked in a slaughter house and butcher shop

    USMC: was a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Specialist (5711)

    Loved your list always nice to know more about our blogging friends.

  2. 3 favorite foods:
    Cincinnati Chili - nothing like it
    Pizza - any style
    BBQ - I've had North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Memphis, and KC. I like them all.

  3. I'm on ABC Wednesday so I'll do my 3 things here.
    3 places I've lived:
    Growing up in South San Francisco
    Moved to San Bruno, California.
    Married and lived in Pacifica, California for 41 years and now our forever home is Rocklin, California.
    3 favorite foods
    Crab with drawn butter
    Chinese food
    and of course a really good steak ( I know this is more than 3)
    3 jobs-
    Snack Bar at Sears for 3 years
    Tour Director in the states
    Onsite convention manager-loved it because I traved to many cities I wouldn't have seen so intimately otherwise.
    3 nicknames
    Suzy, punkin,Suzy Q
    A good Cafe Latte
    Ice tea
    Dr. Pepper
    Places I've been
    Uzbekistan, Israel, Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua, Leningrad
    I think that's enough...don't you?

  4. I love this. it will be fun to do...later.

  5. Don't have time to do it now...lots of family coming for Thanksgiving and I'm doing most of the cooking.

    Will catch you later...but loved reading your answers and also the comments.

  6. I'm obviously getting caught up on blogs! I missed some good stuff but hopefully can stay caught up from here on out.

    Here's a few things about me:


    Laguna Beach, CA
    San Clemente, CA
    Albany, Oregon

    Waitress at a truck stop diner
    Auto parts delivery girl
    Executive Assistant


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