Stop Torture, Stop Captcha

Anyone have a clue about the letters I should have entered?
It reminded me of this old post below. Please find other ways to catch spammers. With Blogger's new spam protection I do not need captcha.

Sept 2009: Peter over at Blogger Tips and Tricks is telling bloggers that they no longer need to use that annoying Word Verification for comments. Here is a clip of his post:
If you allow comments for your posts, I would highly recommend you do not enable captcha (word verification) for the following reasons:

Ever since all blogging platforms including Blogger add the "nofollow" attribute to hyperlinks in comments, the incentive for spammers to post spam comments have been greatly reduced and I have found that spam comments have reduced to almost zero.

Having to complete word verification is a great inconvenience, especially for the visually impaired who have to click on the universal handicap icon in order for the alphabets in the captcha to be read out in audio form. I have tested clicking on that icon and the resulting machine voice is practically indecipherable.
In my opinion, captcha is a torture. Why subject your readers to torture when the original reasons for enabling captcha, spam comments, is no longer a problem.
I echo Peter's sentiments.. I have not used captcha in years and have not had a problem with spammers. And please.. if you moderate comments please do not use Word Verification.. it is torture squared when you do. :)


  1. i'm turning it off on my blog . Thanks :D

  2. I just diabled Word Verification. Thanks!

  3. i had nothing at my blog for some time (with no problem) but a month ago started getting spammed every day. have since changes to require people to "log in" in order to comment. thanks for the insights.

  4. Some captcha I don't mind so much. Some is almost indecipherable and I'm prone to give up before I figure it out.

  5. I'm all for getting rid of the CAPTCHA, especially Blogger's. As Yes! I've said before, it's evil. I'd like to see it die.

    Spammers are still alive and well, though, I still get a lot of spam attempts. A lot. In the 11 months since I upgraded to MT 4.z and got the new Typepad Antispam with it, it's blocked over 16 thousand spam comments and trackbacks. That's almost 50 per day.

    Although MT is set up to use the no follow attribute, I'm not really sure if my blog is set up to use it or not. I guess I ought to look into it.

  6. I had captcha turned for a LONG time until I was overwhelmed with spam. Maybe it's safe to come out again. :-)

    FYI: with background images turned on, the right side of each page is too grey to read on my Blackberry. With them off, it's black text on black background all the way across.

  7. He he I agree! But I have found them easier to read of late. The one in your post is impossible lol

  8. I agree! I've never used it on Mercies and Musings and it's been a pain in the butt to me on other blogs, particularly when it came to the time limits. I don't run into that aspect so much anymore, but it's still annoying.

  9. I'm getting a lot of junky comments recently. Why do they bother to do it without including any link? Strange...

  10. I hear you Mike. I removed the anonymous option on my and no longer get them.

  11. Captcha is torture enough, but moderating comments *and* adding captcha is beyond ludicrous.


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