Somebody has to Win

Sadly this cartoon represents my feelings as I prepare to cast my ballot later today. Gone are my hopes that the people I vote for will really make a difference in America. New people may be elected but I predict that old ways will prevail. My vote will mostly be against an issue, a person or a party.
I do not expect anything to change in our government. Color me cynical.


  1. Loved this from my FB friend Cameron:

    Voting: Replacing the current bums with slightly better bums. "Democrats are the only reason to vote for Republicans." - Will Rogers

  2. A rare treat today, actually got to vote for people I liked (both D and R) in many of the races. State rep and state senator are both great guys, really like my congessman (Jim Himes) and was really glad that Dodd was not seeking re-election for senate. The governors race, well, had to vote for someone.

    Overall, though, it's all about money, money, money. One candidate spent over $20 per voter in her own money. What a waste.

  3. Every election, I go through the same internal debate on whether to vote or not. I read that their may be a viable third party by 2012. Maybe that will turn things in a more positive direction.

  4. Unfortunately that cartoon is all too true!! I like Will Rogers quote!


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