This cartoon that speaks to me..

For some reason this cartoon by Emre Ozdemir speaks to me. I am not sure if it because I sometimes feel like I am held hostage by foreign influences that I cannot quite put my finger on or if it is something else. Maybe I resonate with the idea of being held hostage by oil companies that seem to be taking more and more of my wallet at the pump. Or maybe it is the feeling that I get when I ponder all of the secret Mideast agendas.

What, if anything, speaks to you in this cartoon?


  1. Bob, we must be on the same thought wave. I've been reading up on Marxism for almost a month now, and it's led me to think a lot about enslavement.

    This makes me think about how we enslave ourselves in exchange for desires we refuse to give up.

  2. I've been so frustrated because for some reason Blogger hasn't allowed me to comment on you blog. I hope this will go through since i have written different times. Not going to comment but just say hello.

  3. yea! It went through. Ok. now I can go to bed!

  4. @Missy - Good thoughts. I wonder if the desires of politicians (for things like power) can bring a sort of enslavement?

    @photowannabe - What kind of commenting issues have you had? Please let me know specifically what Blogger is doing. Thanks!

  5. Perhaps it was my computer, I don't know. I was trying to comment through the post on FaceBook. The message kept saying it couldn't go through.
    Hard to write the same thing 3 times. Now today everything seems fine.
    Modern technology and me sometimes aren' t the best of friends. (:0)


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