60 Minutes goes all YouTube on Us!

One of my favorites newsy type of shows is 60 Minutes. I generally record it but sometimes the DVR does not get the whole show because of a sporting event like an NFL game or a PGA tournament has gone longer than expected. Such was the case last night when I missed the last fifteen minutes of the show and did not catch the whole segment on Drew Brees.
Well 60 Minutes has now rectified this for me in that they now have a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/60minutes) that plays all of their recent shows segment by segment.
Take last night for example. You can watch:
I know that I will frequent this venue.. heading over there now to finish watching the segment on Drew Brees. Are you a 60 Minutes viewer? Will you catch segments on YouTube?


  1. In 1991, my ROTC teacher, Capt. Lavin, USN retired, said that television would be all on demand. He described basically how cable and DVR works today, but said that all shows would be put out and you could watch it anytime you want on the internet. Kind of like hulu, but all shows, and you can do it like you do with your cable on your TV. That was 19 years ago. What did he know, and how did he come by his information.

  2. They've had their show up on the CBS website for a long time now. When I want to rewatch a segment I'll catch it there.

  3. @jrchaard, the only thing surprising about your ROTC Captain's prediction is how long it's taken to get there given the technology we have now. There's no need to "broadcast" anything anymore with the exception of stuff that's important to catch live (I'm thinking sports). I'm looking forward to the time when we can more easily time shift even more than we do now and watch what we want when we want without the restrictions of the networks' schedules or the cable company shoving 120 channels down our throats when most of us only watch a dozen or so.

  4. @jrchaard - Was your teacher's name Al Gore?

    @Brian - Does the CBS site make you watch a commercial before the segment? Currently the 60 Minutes YouTube channel does not.

  5. Very cool. I just entered the world of DVR and am wondering what the heck took me so long to get one! I come home and watch shows that usually are on in the daytime (NOT soaps!!!)

  6. Thanks for this Bob. I wanted to hear the Drew Brees interview and missed it. Now I can.


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