Seinfeld on Smart Phones

Can you resonate with what Jerry is saying in this 88 second video? Have you been around people with smart phones who act like this? I like my Palm Pre smart phone but do find that I like the "smart" aspect better than the "phone" part.. it has several apps that I really like.. and the web browser is really great.. but answering a phone call is really a terrible experience. And my eyes are definitely not dilated most of the time.. at least I don't think they are. Do you have a smart phone? If so what do you like/hate most about it?


  1. I don't even know what a blackberry is or what it does. I do not have a iphone. As far as how smart my phone is, I don't know since I have never had it tested.

    I do know that it has all of the number keys it is suppose to have. It even has color coded symbols like a green phone and I press that and there is someone on the other end and a red symbol that if I press it you go away.

    That is all my phone does. Oh, it does have a camera which I keep forgetting it does have.

  2. I have a camera on my phone too Gregg. One of the handiest things. Seems like I am always using it and even sometimes texting or emailing the photo to someone.

  3. Turned my blackberry in six years ago and have not missd it since (I was definitely a crack-berry adict, but now recovered).

    Zero interest in the iPhone, which makes phone shopping difficult. When the rep askes you what features you want, and you say 'just a phone' -- they don't know what to so. Email? No. Web? No. Apps? No. Camera? No. Songs? No. Just a phone, please.

  4. I loved the Seinfeld video. I have experienced that many times with friends and families who have smart phones. It's very disheartening to feel that you're competing with a little electronic device and the device is more interesting than you are.


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