Tailgating Memories

For about four or five years in the late 1990s I had season tickets for Kansas City Chiefs home games. And every week I tailgated with three other guys. We cooked everything from your traditional lunch fare like burgers and brats to more breakfasty food like eggs, hash-browns and sausages or steaks.

What I like most about tailgating was the camaraderie. The guys differed from year to year but the friendships deepened as we sat, sometimes shivering, around my sawed off Weber grill - I made the legs shorter so that we could sit around it with the cast iron pots and pans at just the right height. Back then I drove a red Jeep Grand Cherokee decked out with Chiefs magnets - it was our official tailgating vehicle.

Another thing that I loved about tailgating was the celebratory aspect of it all. Everyone was smiling - even before they broke the beer out.. even when it was 20 degrees and the wind was blowing. We would often walk the parking lot just to see all of the sights - Chiefs' fans are the greatest! People would arrive in customized red Chiefs buses and set up elaborate meals under big tents that often sported tall Chiefs flags on poles. You just had to love their passion for tailgating and their zeal for all things Chiefs.

I think that the night time games were the most fun. There just seemed to be a whole different excitement to being on national television. The aroma of barbecue just seemed to permeate the air. On one such occasion the owner of a chain of BBQ restaurants visited our group, saw a bottle of his sauce on the table and thanked me for using his sauce by giving me a ten dollar bill. We must have been doing some KC BBQ that night.

I've got a lot of those memories but these days I am content to catch the game on my TV - HD really isn't a bad alternative to watching the game even if the pre-game food and festivities are a bit different. I will watch and root for the Chiefs today on TV.. they have actually started the season 2-0.. but you never know.. maybe I will catch a game at Arrowhead this season.. call me if you have tickets.. with a bit of tailgating of course.

Have you ever tailgated? What did you like best? Any stories?


  1. I never tail-gated. I guess I never had friends or acquaintances that did. I might have a different perspective today if I would have had the chance.

    I have gone to Seattle Seahawk games in the old Kingdom before it was demolished. After attending a live game I decided I liked the comfort of my comfy clothes, my own couch, my snacks at a price I didn't have to take a loan out, the ease of the bathroom, and the color commentary of the commentators.

    Tailgating sounds fun! I wish I had tried it at least once.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Tailgating is something new to me. I have to google to find out what it mean. Sounds like a fun way to hang out. We do not have tailgating in Malaysia and Singapore.


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