Autumn Thoughts

At 10:09 this evening Autumn will have officially come to Kansas City. Unlike Spring, it's equinoctial counterpart, this is the season when the days become shorter and the nights longer. Autumn is a nice time of year weather-wise but I have to admit that the thought of the ever-increasing coldness of the weather replete with sweaters and coats does not excite me - I am more of a warm weather kind of guy. Here are three of the things that I like about Autumn in not particular order:
  • Football: Despite their many years of abysmal play I still enjoy watching the KC Chiefs play. I am not a college football guy so football only takes up time on Sundays.
  • Fall Foliage: The bright and beautiful colors of autumn are amazing here in the Kansas City area. I love to simply watch the leaves change colors.. each new day seems to bring new colors.
  • Cooler Weather: This has been a very hot summer. The cooler temps are a welcome respite from the heat - for a while anyways.
What do you like about Autumn? Do folks in the southwest know when the season changes?


  1. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the turning color of leaves and foliage, the crispness in the air. The NFL is back on and like you I still say "Go Seahawks!" Even as they self destruct game by game.

    Then fall leads into winter. Being from Ohio I loved it when the first snowfall came around Halloween, or sometimes as late as Thanksgiving.

    Being an indoor type of guy, books, computers, office, etc. I don't care whether the sun is shinning or not. I love living in the Pacific Northwest, the rain doesn't bother me at all. I can read, study, prepare, and write all day long inside and never get wet.

    The only time I ever chased sunshine was when we had our 18' open bow SeaSwirl runabout.

  2. Fall is my favorite for the same reasons, Bob. (Except I'm a college football guy instead of NFL)

    I love to go up to the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy the crisp air and changing leaves!

  3. Fall is my favorite season, too. I love going apple and pumpkin picking, having hot apple cider and warm cider donuts, and curling up in front of the fireplace. I love raking leaves and warming my hands around a hot cocoa during my son's soccer practice. And, cooking! Fall is when I get inspired to make stew, pot roast, roast chicken, soups, pot pie, and all kinds of baked sweets.

    But, mostly, it's the beauty around me. The colorful leaves against an unbelievably blue sky. The ocean on a gray, drizzly day. Squirrels scurrying around for the last few acorns.

    I'm so glad it's here! It's been a hot summer in New England, too.

  4. @Gregg - I can relate to being an inside guy. I do despise it when it ices and snows when I have a doctor appt to get to.

    @Nephos - Folks around here seem to love KU, KSU and MU football even though the teams are often not too much better than the Chiefs.

    @Kristen - Ditto your thoughts about fall foods. I love to make stew and chili when it gets cold. Brings back memories of tailgating in 20 degree weather on the Arrowhead parking lot.


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