Sometimes "like" does not always mean like..

Got these and a few other Facebook funnies from my nephew this morning..

For those of you FB people out there - ever notice how "like" does not always indicate agreement with what someone has posted? Although I imagine Booth liked knowing the whereabouts of President Lincoln. Sometimes I click "like" just to be a part of the comment thread without having to comment. Sometimes I wish Blogger had this feature - let me know if it does. I might "like" some of your posts if it does.. not that I don't already like them.

I wonder what a real life example of a FB "like" might be? You know.. a way to keep in the loop without really having to be a part of the conversation - the proverbial fly on the wall as the closed room debate is happening.. a kind of peeping (or listening) Tom.

I think that I can relate to this kind of voyeurism. Television and movies often gives us a way to passively observe the inner goings on of people and their issues.. reality shows especially feed this weird part us.. detective shows help us to vicariously solve crimes.. and sometimes soap opera-ish shows (in both TV and cinema genres) captivate our romantic (and sometimes erotic) fantasies allowing us to passively be involved.

I think that we sometimes "like" things that are not good for us. Can you relate?


  1. Yes! (maybe we need a pop up when you hit "like" (Are you sure you want to do this...Is this your final answer?)

  2. I find it hard to recommend news article by "liking" because it implies I support the content when I don't. "Like" doesn't work all the time.


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