Edison2: The E85 Very Light and Simple Car

Here are a few clips from the writeup at the Edison2 website:

Edison2 pursues efficiency through the absolute virtues of low weight and low aerodynamic drag. Although we anticipated developing a hybrid or electric vehicle – hence our name, Edison2 – our studies on efficiency led us away from the significant added weight of batteries needed for an electric or hybrid drive to a one-cylinder, 250cc internal combustion engine fueled by E85.
Our approach to solving the United States’ energy dependence comes from looking at the big picture and not being distracted by the politically fashionable trends. A very light and aerodynamic car is more efficient than a heavier one with more drag, no matter what type of power source is used.


  1. So, what kind of mileage does it get? I for one woould gladly give up power for efficiency, we are always in too much of a hurry anyway.

    I still remember back in the 80's, my Dodge Omni 5 speed getting 40 MPG highway. We haven't realy come very far since then, but it usually takes a crisis to cause that kind of change, doesn't it?

  2. Could not find what the mpg is but the specs have the fuel tank maxing at 6.5 gallons and a range of 600 miles. Unless I am missing something that gets the mpg close to 100.

  3. My goodness, Bob it looks like a model toy car you could set on a shelf...not drive... Amazing!!!

  4. I looked at the web site. I couldn't find anywhere where it gave gas mileage? Have they not made this vehicle? Is it just a concept?


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