Labor Day Intercession

Sometimes an image like this simply snaps you back to reality. Words escape me when I think about friends like Jim, Clark, Gary, Gregg, Bill and so many others who are out of work this Labor Day.

In light of the day I will simply pray asking God to open doors of employment to those I know and those I do not. Please take a minute and intercede for those seeking jobs.


  1. Thank you brother! That was unexpected and it moved me.

  2. Thanks for the cartoon. You can add my son Steve to the prayer list. He has been out of work for 3 months and has put in so many hours everyday looking for work with no takers. He knows that he and his family are in the Lords hands but the bills keep coming in.

  3. Prayers and praises. A gentleman in our church told us yesterday, he has a new job Sept 14. He's been out of work and looking for almost 2 years.


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