Streaming Anxiety

Do you follow the news via an eReader? Or are you a cable news junkie? Are you on your smart/cell phone all of the time? If so consider this advice from Kim Allen:
All the news you want, whenever you want it, 24/7! Alerts on the cell phone, video clips on YouTube and streaming headlines on the desktop! And with each byte of news, it's easy to react and get pulled into events - and emotions—and tune out of our own reality.
Don't get me wrong; being informed is important. But too much too often can turn into a non stop stress report. With all that’s going on around us, it's more important than ever to maintain emotional balance and a healthy perspective.

And for us to acknowledge that we can care about what's going on without the anxiety, worry or fear sometimes brought about by over identification or attachment or information overload.

Know when it's time to turn off the news and tune back into your life.
Just something to consider as you meander into your evening's activity.

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